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When you work with an experienced insurance professional who is an independent agent you receive benefit education and insight into multiple well-known insurance companies. Ms. Brown spends time with her clients to educate them on their different insurance options, allowing them to make an informed financial decision.

Ms. Brown is a Florida insurance professional who specializes in helping individuals remain happy, healthy, and financially independent by being prepared for foreseen and unforeseen financial events.


She is active in her community and experienced in her field, having worked in financial services for over 16 years.

With life expectancies increasing, seniors may have increasing doubts about whether they will outlive their assets. Ms. Brown understands how health, financial, and social factors affect the lives of seniors and applies that knowledge to her work to benefit her senior clients.


Ms. Brown helps individuals and families enroll in programs that prepare them for expected and unexpected life events such as college expenses, getting married, having a child, buying a home, facing an unexpected critical illness, retirement, final expenses and/or leaving a legacy for loved ones.

For the convenience of her clients, Ms. Brown meets with them at their preferred location (usually in the comfort of their home).

Ms. Brown and her husband, Paul, live in Deltona, Florida and have two children and two grandchildren.


Carol N. Brown

"Dedicated to providing clients personal, professional guidance while working together to develop the best plan for financial preparedness for life events, income protection, and retirement"

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